Events & Activities

Balaji Youth

The Balaji Temple is the fertile ground on which the Balaji youth as saplings grew steadily and who have the roots of an ancient heritage and had the fine manure of inspirational and spiritual education in their residential camps. We are certain that the Balaji Youth will blossom out in colourful flowers with a spiritual fragrance, ripening to produce fruits of achievers and role models as we view the present Balaji youths as our potential leaders who will successfully retain the ancient values and culture of the Hindus.

Summer Camp

The summer camp, as the name suggests occurs every year during the school summer holidays. The youth resides in the Temple for the duration of the camp during which they are ensured an enriching, uplifting and fun-filled week learning about the Hindu Religion that is guaranteed to make them come back every year! Thought-provoking lectures from learned speakers and discussions during the day are followed by energising sport, soul fulfilling Seva and Bhajan sessions! Followed by evening workshops.

The Youth camp ends with a cultural programme where parents are invited to see the Balaji Youth performance in plays, dance, music and much more.

Winter Camp

The Winter Camp takes occurs every year during school holidays in December at the Shri Venkateswara Balaji Temple. It will be based around the theme of “Life skills” and we hope to analyse and better understand the values that would traditionally be attributed to a Hindu and how they can be used in everyday life. Through activities such as lectures, workshops and debates, we also ask questions about key aspects of our religion. Whilst the cultural aspect of Winter Camp remains, it will be a great chance for youths to meet their friends again and enjoy other activities like sports and Seva!

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